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Star Wars The Force Awakens - inspiration is the key.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Star Wars The Force Awakens [Dec. 31st, 2015|08:30 pm]
Visits to imaginary worlds and beyond


As I haven't been keeping a proper count of the films & shows I've recently watched I thought it might be a good idea to revive this community for the purpose.
And I'm going to start with the new Star Wars film which I finally saw today.

First of all, let me tell you about my background with Star Wars. It is the big epic tale of my life (together with the Lord of the Rings book) and I swear I've seen the New Hope at least 100 times. I used to watch it several times a year when I was a child and I considered myself a big fan. I was very happy with the remastered versions that came in the 90's. I thought they brought a little bit extra to the great films but did not steal from them. I even somewhat liked the episodes 1-3, even if many true fans found them disappointing. Ok, I did hate Jar Jar Binx and was not too fond of chibi Anakin and all the Disneyesque stuff in the new films but there were some really good things as well like the siths and jedis and we learned much more about the world.

When this new film was announced I was quite interested at first. It sounded very nice to have Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher in the cast. I have never read any of the books or any sort of fan fiction stuff on Star Wars so I had no expectations about the film. Then everyone who saw it kept praising it and writing great reviews and I started to get more and more anxious because I feared my own expectations would get too high and I would be disappointed.

For some reason I managed to remain spoiler free until the end which is a good thing. I also had very neutral expectations for the film. I told myself it's entertainment and I should not watch it through too strict lenses. And now I have seen it, what can I say. I like Star Wars and I found the film to be ok. I will go to see the next one BUT...


I would have appreciated it much much more had they actually had something new in it. 3/4 of the film consisted of rip offs from the old films. I mean, wtf? A droid having secret information, strom troopers looking for a droid in a desert planet, a great pilot showing up, Millennium Falcon flying inside some monstrous thing, people hiding inside it, an alien bar... ok, that's just the beginning. The whole film was full of scenes I had already seen in the old films and I felt cheated. (Exactly like in the Hobbit film that used the exact same mannerism LoTR had.) I really enjoyed the scenes that were a bit different and Kylo Ren was fascinating new character, Finn, the escaping storm trooper also and I actually even liked Rey despite her Keira Knightleyish mannerisms here and there. Still I feel the film was made with strict calculations and fan service with the money making as the main intent. It made me a bit disappointed and sad. Especially the "blowing up Deathstar" deja vu was silly and unnecessary.

But the great thing is the lack of stupid & annoying disneyish characters and the new jedis coming up... I will go to see the next film for sure but I really truly hope this time they actually have an original plot and something new to show.

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[User Picture]From: tindomerel
2016-01-04 11:20 am (UTC)
The more I've thought about it the more confused I feel why did they make it like that. It was sort of "re-make" more than a sequel but it does not make sense with all the old actors in the cast. I haven't read the books but I think it is a pity they did not follow their plots instead of making this calculated mixture of this and that.
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From: changeofthemoon
2015-12-31 07:53 pm (UTC)
I also felt it was a little bit much rehashing of old stuff. I understand it's a cycle of some sort. But still. That said, I enjoyed it and thought it was much better than the prequels.
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[User Picture]From: tindomerel
2016-01-04 11:22 am (UTC)
I think some themes and mannerisms are part of the world and belong to Star Wars but I don't understand why they had to make so many similar scenes. I do hope the next ones will offer something new.
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